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By submitting to this website you agree tho the following:

1.- Age restrictions: The website is for 18 years old or older users only. By acquiring an account you agree that you are at least 18 years old. It's strictly forbidden to create an account if you don't match the age critteria or show the content of this website to a minor.

2.- The user is aware that the content of this website may be adult artwork meant for personal entertainment. The user is warned that the gallery may have artwork that might offend sensitive people. By submitting your account you agree to not to take any action against it besides leaving the gallery of your own will. The user will not take any action against the site after he/she left the gallery due to anything he/she has not liked or felt offended by it.

3.- Any user will keep the content of this website for personal use only, will not share it, copy it, publish it on other media such as internet, or reproduce it without the previous authorization of the author.

4.- The user will not negotiate with or alter the contents of this site in any mean possible without previous autor's consent.

5.- The website will not take responsibility for situations where the website is offline for causes out of the author's control (such as server's blackouts, damage to the website, being hacked or natural or innatural events that might cause internet loss to either the server or the billing service)

6.- There will not be any refunds for any cause or reason unless previously stated or agreed by the website's autor.

7.- Any other situation not stated here will be reviewed and discussed by the website's author (it might be reviewed by a lawyer in case it's needed) and action will be taken soon after.

Any violation to the terms of use will cause the termination of the account with no refund.

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