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Alternate Option for creating an account for accesing MarkWulfgar.Com:

If you have VISA and you want to get an account, you probably noticed CCBill doesn't take VISA if your business (In this case, this website) isn't a business located in United States (that is due to certain laws that they have to follow). I've been trying to find an alternate way to get you an option to get an account, and I've got one. It doesn't create an account automatically like CCbill and requires to get in touch with me and it only works for U.S. Citizen (since September 29th, 2010), but it's the best I could come up with so far.

(With this link you get refered by me and I get benefits XD, so Please use this link <3)

This is an online service to send money to another person. Preety much like Western Union, but with quite less fees and you can send me the money straight to my Xoom card instead of having me waiting 2-3 weeks to have access to it.

If you're interested, send me an email and I'll reply you with the information you need to send me the deposit to my card, after you sent the deposit (and the transaction is finished, it takes arround 1-2 hours to be depsited to my card), send me your desired username and password in a forwarded message of the confirmation email that sends to you and as soon as I get the email (and if I'm at home at the moment) I'll create your account. If you sent the money on a day, and it takes me some time to create your account, the day of creation of your account will start at the moment I create your account, not at the time you sent the money.

If you don't have an account there, get an account and send me the ammount of money worth of months you want in my website (see below for pricing) to my account: markwulfgar[at], and let me know your desired username and password (once we are sure the payment went through okay) by sending me an email. As soon as I get the email, I'll create your account and let you know it's up and running.

Since Xoom's minimum ammount to send it's 25 usd and Alertpay's Withdraw fee for mexican accounts is 30 usd each time I withdraw (outrageous, but if you're not in Mexico, you are totally okay XD) I can't sell a single month with these payment methods, so the fees are as follow:

2 months: 30 usd.
1 additional month after the first 2: +10 usd
5 months: 50 usd (You save up 10 usd.)
1 additional month after the 5th: +10 usd

Contact Me

In the email's title please mention if you're interested in using or option.thank you.


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